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  1. Marleen Irwin
    14 October 2012 - 07:08

    We would like to use this tool for our study in Canada. Is it possible for us to sign in as provider? Also, is there a full version post 2009

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Our Mission and Organization

MyHealthOutcomes is an early-stage company formed to provide heart patients with a simple, low-cost, scientific way to measure and track their health status and share how they are doing with their doctors and family.

MyHealthOutcomes was founded by two cardiologistsJohn Spertus, MPH, MD and Stan Kaufman, MD — to deploy John’s renowned instruments via cutting-edge web technologies. These instruments are in wide use in many clinical trials evaluating new medications and procedures, but until MyHealthOutcomes, have not been accessible to patients and doctors for routine clinical use.

MyHealthOutcomes is currently in a beta-testing phase, providing free access to our tools and services to clinical patients of John’s organization in Kansas City, Missouri. We anticipate moving to a subscription service soon that will welcome patients from anywhere in the US. Initially we will offer our instruments in English and Spanish, but over time we may expand the number of available languages.

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