Managing Your Profile

Step-by-step instructions for managing your other account information in our system.

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Starting the Process

At the bottom of the “My Outcomes” page — which you can access when you are logged into our site — there is a section called “Other Clinical Information” that looks like this:

Note the final column called “My Profile”. This lists a variety of things about your identity here at our site — notable your name(s), email address, plus other optional information like your gender, year of birth, time zone, etc. Probably the most useful setting you can control here is the “Print Notes With Report” setting.

Anyway, to access these settings, click the “Update” link in that column or else simple click the “My Profile” menu item in the menu bar. This will take you to the “My Profile” page that looks like this:

Editing Your Profile

Each of these sections can be updated separately, and each is fairly self-explanatory:

  • Email address: you can change the email address our system uses to communicate with you (reminders etc) here
  • Password: you change your password here (typing it a second time to avoid typos)
  • Report Options: you set whether any Notes you add to your “My Outcomes” page are printed along with your other data when you select the “Printer-friendly version” of your summary
  • Other information: the names used in our system, your gender, your year of birth, and your timezone

To edit any of these, simply type or select the information as appropriate, and then click the relevant “Update” button. If you have left out or otherwise provided unusable information, our system will point this out immediately so you can fix any errors.

Once you’ve submitted any changes, you’ll be returned to your “My Outcomes” page where you can review the changes again in the “Your Profile” column.

Created: February 10, 2009 15:15; Last updated: February 10, 2009 15:15