Managing Your Providers

Step-by-step instructions for managing your providers in our system.

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Starting the Process

At the bottom of the “My Outcomes” page — which you can access when you are logged into our site — there is a section called “Other Clinical Information” that looks like this:

Here we’re going to show you how to manage your providers — doctors, nurses or other healthcare professional who is managing your care. You reach the “My Providers” page either by clicking on the “Update” link in the “My Providers” column of the “Other Clinical Information” panel on the “My Outcomes” page, or else by clicking on the “My Providers” menu item in the menu bar.

Before explaining how to use the “My Providers” page, though, it’s important to explain that in order for your provider to show up in our system, she needs to signup at our site just like you did — and that means that she needs to want to work with you via our online system. If she doesn’t signup at our site, she simply won’t appear here.

In addition, we don’t let just anyone claim to be a “provider”. When someone who claims to be a provider signs up here, we ask for additional information about their practice — and we check it. Only legitimate providers will be granted this role at our site.

Finally, it’s important to stress that the point of linking to your provider is simply this: this link will allow that provider to login to our site and review your data online. The provider can’t add or change your data; he can only view it. If you don’t want your provider to see your information online, then simply don’t link to them. In that case, the only way your doc will see your information is if you print it out and take it to him.

Anyway, the rest of this article assumes that you do want your provider to see your information online.

Selecting a Provider

The “My Providers” page looks like this:

In the upper panel are any providers you’ve already selected, if any. In the lower panel are providers in our system that you can select. (In this case, we only have a couple, but when there are many more, this list will be browseable via “pages” and searchable — just like the medications are.)

Simply click the “Select” button in the row of the provider you want, and the provider will show up in the upper panel:

Note that the newly-selected provider is no longer an option in the lower panel. Note also that the “My Providers” section of the “My Outcomes” summary page has now been updated also:

Note also that the provider’s name is a link. Clicking this link will take you to a page that will have additional information about the provider — such as practice information. This information will be present only if the provider has chosen to make it present, but it will be available in nearly all cases, as that’s the whole point of engaging the providers in this way. If they don’t want you to have their information, we imagine that you won’t want them to have yours, either. The way this whole system works is when you want to communicate better between the two of you. Anyway, here’s how this page looks:

Removing a Provider

Note the “Remove” link in the “Action” column of any of your current providers:

To remove a provider, simply click this link. This will remove this provider’s access to your online information. Of course, you can always print out your data and take it to your next appointment and share your information with your doc that way.

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