Managing Your Diagnoses

Step-by-step instructions for updating your diagnoses in our system.

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Starting the Process

At the bottom of the “My Outcomes” page — which you can access when you are logged into our site — there is a section called “Other Clinical Information” that looks like this:

Here we’re going to cover how you manage the list of diagnoses you can track in our system. These are diagnoses that your doctor will have told you that you have. We’re not interested in every diagnosis out there — just the ones relevant to heart conditions.

You start by clicking on the “Update” link in the “My Diagnoses” column — or by clicking the “My Diagnoses” menu item in the menu bar. This brings you to a page that looks like this:

Adding a Diagnosis

In the upper panel are the current diagnoses you’ve entered, if any. In the lower section is a list of diagnoses that we’ve set up. To select a diagnosis, simply click the “Select” button in the row of the diagnosis. The diagnosis will be added into the upper panel, thus:

Note that the diagnosis we just added to our list of current diagnoses no longer has a “Select” link in the list of available diagnoses — since obviously we’ve just selected it.

Finally, note how the “My Diagnoses” column in the “Other Clinical Information” panel of the “My Outcomes” page has now been updated:

Removing a Diagnosis

Note also the “Remove” link in the “Action” column by the diagnosis in the upper panel:

Clicking this link will remove the diagnosis from your list of diagnoses in the upper panel and will return the “Select” button by it in the lower panel — so you can add it back in if you like.

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