Managing Your Treatments

Step-by-step instructions for managing your other treatments in our system.

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Starting the Process

At the bottom of the “My Outcomes” page — which you can access when you are logged into our site — there is a section called “Other Clinical Information” that looks like this:

Here we’re going to show you how to manage treatments that are not prescription medications (managed in the “My Medications” section). These treatments can include whatever you think is important — vitamins, nutritional supplements, exercise programs, etc.

When you click on the “Update” link in the “My Treatments” section of this panel — or click the “My Treatments” menu item in the menu bar — you will reach the “My Treatments” page that looks like this:

Adding a Treatment

In the upper panel are your current treatments (if any) and in the bottom panel is a form for entering a new treatment. Unlike the “My Medications” page where we list all the medications that are available in the market, here we simply provide you with space to type whatever is relevant. So, for instance:

Then click the “Save” button to store your treatment in your records in our system. You will then see this in your “My Treatments” page:

And your new treatment will also show up in the “My Treatments” column of the “Other Clinical Information” panel of the “My Outcomes” summary page:

Editing a Treatment

To edit or delete a treatment, go back to the “My Treatments” page by clicking on the “My Treatments” menu item or the “Update” link in the “My Treatments” column of the “Other Clinical Information” panel. You will then see the “Edit” link by your treatment (as shown above). Click that link to get to the edit page:

Make any changes to the text there — or click the “Delete” link to remove the treatment. (You will be asked to confirm the deletion, which will happen only when you click the OK button in the confirmation dialog.)

That’s all there is to it!

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