Managing Your Medications

Step-by-step directions for updating your medications in our system.

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Starting the Process

At the bottom of the “My Outcomes” page — which you can access when you are logged into our site — there is a section called “Other Clinical Information” that looks like this:

From here you can update a variety of types of information about you in our system. We’ll describe how you manage the first section — your medications.

You start by clicking on the “Update” link in the “My Medications” section — or by clicking the “My Medications” menu item in the menu bar. This brings you to a somewhat complex page that looks like this:

In the top section are the medications you’ve already entered. None show here as Herman hasn’t added any yet. In the bottom section are all the medications our system knows about. We have hundreds already and we add new ones when they are released, so you should be able to find whatever it is that you’re taking.

There are two ways that you can find the medication you’re taking and want to add to your personal record — using “Search” and paging through the list.

Searching for Medications

Say that you are taking Lipitor, a cholesterol-reducing medication of the class called “statins” whose generic name is “atorvastatin”. You could search for the exact trade name “Lipitor” or the exact generic name “atorvastatin”, but you could also search for part of the name “statin”. That’s what we’ll do here:

This search will return to you all the medications that have “statin” in either their trade name or their generic name. The form looks like this:

Browsing for Medications

If you prefer, you can simply browse through our medication list by clicking through the pages of forms. At the bottom of the main medication panel you’ll see a set of page links that allow you to jump to a specific page or the previous or next one:

You can simply hunt around until you find what you’re looking for. You can also set whether these pages are sorted alphabetically by the trade name or the generic name. In the paragraph beneath the “Available Medications” header, you can see how the pages are currently sorted, and there is a link to sort them the other way. Just click that link if you want to change the sort, and you’ll return to the “My Medications” page where you can browse away. The list will stay sorted the same way as you go through the medication pages — until you change it again:

Selecting a Medication

Once you’ve searched or browsed to your medication, you’re ready to add it to your personal list. Both the search form and the paged form pre-load with all the pill sizes (available doses) that are sold for each of the medications. To tell us exactly how you take your medication once you’ve found it, all you need to do is to set the pop-up menus for your medication:

  • the specific dose you’re taking (available dose column)
  • how many you take each time (quantity column)
  • when and how often you take it (schedule column)

and then click the “Select” button in your medication’s row.

This will then enter your medication into our system and return you to the “My Medications” page with the new entry in the upper panel:

Your new medication will also show in the “My Medications” panel on your overall “My Outcomes” page:

Editing a Medication

Over time, your prescriptions will change, and we make it easy to keep your records here accurate.

From the overall “My Outcomes” page, click the “Update” link in the “My Medications” column of the “Other Clinical Information” section — or click the “My Medications” link in the menu bar — to reach the “My Medications” overview.

In the upper “Current Medications” section, note the “Edit” link by your medication in the “Action” column. Click this link and you’ll reach an edit page like this:

You can change any information you need — the dose, the quantity, or the schedule. You can also delete the medication entirely by clicking the “Delete” link. Our system will ask you to confirm that you really want to delete it and do so only when you click another “yes” button.

In any case, these records are simple enough to change that if you make a mistake in selecting or configuring a medication, you can always edit it or delete it. If you delete it and want it back, you can simply add it again.

Requesting a New Medication

We believe that we have nearly all the relevant medications, but if you think that we have missed one, please let us know using the “Site Feedback” form you’ll see at the bottom of all the “inside” (ie non-public) pages on our site:

We watch this feedback carefully and will update our medications with any new ones.

If what you’re interested in is an over-the-counter vitamin or other health supplement that doesn’t require a prescription, then that kind of medication is not what the “My Medications” section is about. Rather, this kind of thing is what we include in the “My Treatments” section — which we’ll discuss next.

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