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What services does MyHealthOutcomes offer and how do I access and use them?

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  1. What services does MyHealthOutcomes offer?

  2. How do I complete the SAQ, KCCQ or PAQ?

  3. How are my SAQ, KCCQ, or PAQ results displayed?

  4. How do let my doctor know my results?

  1. What services does MyHealthOutcomes offer?

    MyHealthOutcomes provides subscribers with the following:

    • Collection of SAQ, KCCQ, and/or PAQ studies (depending on what is germane for each patient)
    • Immediate analysis of new study results compared to prior studies
    • Automated email reminders when studies are due/overdue
    • Optional collection of related clinical information — diagnoses, medications, and other treatments
    • Concise printable reports to take to doctor visits or send to family
    • Optional online access to providers of patient’s data

    In addition, we provide potential subscribers with demos of our instruments.

  2. How do I complete the SAQ, KCCQ or PAQ?

    The best way to find out is simply to do a Demo run-through. These data aren’t stored as part of your personal data when you signup and login to start doing your “real” responses.

    If you are currently logged in — and you can see a greeting to you in the upper right corner of each page — then please logout by clicking the “LOGOUT” menu item in the menu bar on any page. Your name will disappear from the upper right corner and you will now see a “DEMOS” menu item in the menu bar.

    Click the “DEMOS” menu item and you’ll reach a page where you can select to do a SAQ, KCCQ, or PAQ. Then follow these detailed directions.

    Note that we limit the number of demo run-throughs you can do. If you’ve already done as many demos as you’re allowed, we’ll let you know. After that, you’ll need to signup for a real account here.

  3. How are my SAQ, KCCQ, or PAQ results displayed?

    For patients, the most important value of these health outcomes measures come from seeing how they trend over time. We display this two ways:

    • On the “My Outcomes” page, we show which scales have improved, remained stable, or worsened in the most recent assessment compared to the prior one. This tells you where things stand now.
    • From the “My Outcomes” page, we provide links to detailed trend graphs for each of the instruments that you’ve been using. These graphs show how the past twelve results have changed, so you can see a longer-term perspective on your health status.

    We also provide details about each specific time you answer the SAQ, KCCQ, or PAQ — both with the actual scale score numbers as well as a useful bar chart showing the data. This information provides only a snap-shot of a specific time, but it is where we will (eventually) be able to provide patients with some comparison data from patients who are similar to them.

    You can see screen shots of these displays in this detailed discussion.

  4. How do let my doctor know my results?

    Some providers will be interested and willing to come online to view your results directly. If your doctor is willing to do so, she needs to signup at our site. You will then be able to select her as one of your providers, and when she logs in, she’ll see a “My Patients” menu option that will let her find you easily.

    At least early on, though, we don’t think that many doctors will be taking the time to do this. Regardless, our system gives you three ways to communicate with your docs:

    • online access to your information
    • notes you compile in your “My Outcomes” page
    • printed reports

    We discuss all of this in greater detail here.